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Current Series

Everyday our lives are filled with emotions. Depending on the time of day or your circumstances you may feel anything from joy, happiness, anger, fear, jealousy, despair, contempt to shame. Our cell phones and social media sites provide us with an endless array of emojis to pick from for our status updates and to express our emotions. How are we to think about our emotions? Are they good, bad or amoral? How should we interpret them?

Contrary to a lot of conventional wisdom, feelings are not amoral. Emotions can and do reveal our deepest questions about life, ourselves and God. For example, anger can reveal that we believe life or God is not fair? Jealousy exposes questions about God’s goodness. Emotions on the horizontal dimension tell us something about our relationship to vertical dimension. This is why we should neither suppress our emotions or just act purely on our emotions. Rather, we need help in understanding and interpreting our emotions.

This summer we are turning to the book of Psalms, otherwise known as the Christian Hymnbook, to unveil our deepest questions about life and faith. In his preface to his commentary on the Psalms, 16th Century French Theologian, John Calvin wrote, “But here the prophets themselves, seeing they are exhibited to us as speaking to God, and laying open all their inmost thoughts and affections, call, or rather draw, each of us to the examination of himself in particulars in order that none of the many infirmities to which we are subject, and of the many vices with which we abound, may remain concealed.” The beauty of the Psalms is that they are a mirror of the soul exposing our deepest struggles and the greatness of our God to meet us where we live. We hope you will join us wherever you are on your spiritual journey.

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